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Returns Policy

Returns & refunds

Customers may return items for a full refund of the product cost if they are dissatisfied. This must be done within 14 days from the date of purchase, and the item must be in a good condition. We will not refund the shipping charges. ***Good condition refers original packaging with ALL accessories included.*** ***If the original packaging has been opened, only 85% of the product price will be refunded to cover the repacking and QC rechecking costs.***


Wrong item received or package missing items.

If you have received a package that is incorrect or incomplete, you must do the following within 24 hours of receiving the parcel.

1) DO NOT throw any of the packaging or product materials away. Keep the entire package 100% as you recieved it.
2) Weigh your package and it's contents. You can use a kitchen scale for this. It must be accurate to .5 ounce.
3) Photograph the package and it's contents. The photo must show products, package and packing materials clearly.
Contact with the following information;
Order ID:
Parcel Weight:
Problem with order:
Attach photos of the package and contents, as stipulated above.

Failure to follow the procedures above will result in a rejection of the claim.

Never accept a package that is crushed, damaged or has been left open, possibly allowing contents to fall out.